program highlights

What's for Lunch?


o DELI & GRILL- Variety of Sandwiches, Subs, Salads & Sushi, Burger, Dogs and Pizza

o ENTREES & COMBOS- all the kids’ favorite hot meals, ala carte and combos

o SIDES-SNACKS- Organic vegetables & fruit, plus a variety of all natural snacks; some allergen-friendly options available

o DRINKS- includes our most popular cold beverages, in addition to organic milk.

o CONDIMENTS- “Simply Heinz” natural condiments, sandwich and meal additions plus meal modifiers (“no cheese” for example).

Allergen- free Eating


A variety of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher & Vegetarian meal choices:  Icons next to an item name indicate if an item is kosher, organic, vegetarian, diary, soy or gluten free

Bento Boxes

Popular Bento Boxes which include fresh fruit, vegetables and snack.

o Tea Sandwich Boxes- very popular last year

o Sushi Boxes- with the choice of cucumber or California rolls

o Sandwich Boxes- the always popular turkey & cheese or ham and cheese